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Chef "E" Edgar A Jeffers Jr.

     Born on the beautiful island of St. Croix U.S.V.I, Chef E quickly demonstrated his love for cooking by climbing up on the range and attempting to light the gas pilots. After giving his mother multiple heart attacks she decided the best thing to do was to place him on a crate next to her while she cooked so she could keep an eye on him. Thus began the experience that would turn into a passion. During his early teen years, his mom handed the kitchen over to him and the experimentations begin.

     When he left for college in Nashville, Tennessee, he began his culinary career where so many before him did, in the “lowly” dish room. Within a year, he became a kitchen manager responsible for the dish room operations, safety and sanitation training, setup, service and breakdown of banquets and weekend operations of the campus dining service.

     He continued his culinary experience by working his way up to shift manager at Taco Bell, Internal OSHA inspector for Shoney’s, line cook at Bennigan’s, and host, cashier, 4th level rated server, expediter, and bartender at Demos’ Steak and Spaghetti House.

     Upon moving to Florida, he worked as a ServSafe certified server at Denny’s while he worked on becoming a teacher. After becoming a teacher, he went to the International Culinary Schools at The Art Institute of Tampa, where he earned an A.A in Culinary Arts, which he used to teach culinary classes at the high school level. He furthered his education by taking advantage of the Summer Culinary Institute of training, which is supported and sponsored by the Prostart curriculum in conjunction with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, located at Johnson and Wales University in Miami, Florida.

     After teaching for ten years Chef E returned to the restaurant side of the industry becoming a unit manager for the southern family restaurant chain Wafflehouse. He is also a ServSafe certified instructor and proctor. He continues to use his passion in his personal life by hosting dinners for friends, family, and making his services available for special events such as weddings, birthdays and other life celebrations.


     As part of his experimentation Chef E took base mixtures of herbs and spices and combined them with some of his favorite individual herbs and spices to create several different spice and herb mixes to season his culinary delicacies.  Several years ago Chef E started working on the ultimate “All Purpose Savory Seasoning”, a seasoning that he could use on all his culinary delights instead of several different spice mixes for different applications. Starting with some of his close friends he started field testing his mixtures taking their reviews and his own to continue adjusting his mixture. When he believed he was close he expanded his test field to include co-workers and business associates, continuing to adjust his recipe based on reviews until Eureka!!!!!!, almost full consensus except for some minor dislikes all test subjects agreed that they totally liked the seasoning on all the savory applications they tried it on and so the original Chef E’s “All Purpose Savory Seasoning” came into being. Continuing the use of reviews the Mild and Spicy versions came to life as well.

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